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Dueber Watch Company
"... Classic Style Swiss-made Watches"

Available now! - Our quartz Dueber Watch Co pocket watches feature Swiss Made battery powered quartz movements. Watches with quartz movements are inherently more accurate and durable than mechanical movements, at a fraction of the cost. Our high grade Swiss Made quartz models also feature plated Stainless Steel cases. A pocket watch chain, and a limited two year limited warranty is included on each watch!

Our mechanical Dueber Watch Co antique style high grade pocket watches are produced in the USA! These pocket watches are produced in the spirit of the late 19th and early 20th century American pocket watches! They feature a Swiss Made wind up movement with 17 jewels, in plated Stainless Steel cases.

We also produce pocket watch displays, including glass domes and plated metal stands. Our product line of chains includes budget friendly plated steel chains, to solid sterling silver and gold filled chains made in the USA!

About Dueber Watch Co
The Dueber name dates back to 1864 when John C Dueber began making watch cases. In 1886 John Dueber purchased a controlling interest in the Hampden Watch Company of Springfield, Massachusetts. The Dueber Hampden Watch Company was at the forefront of innovations in the American watch manufacturing industry. They introduced the first watch movement to the market with 23 jewels. Today, Dueber Watch Company is an American owned brand featuring high-quality pocket watches. The Dueber Watch Co Swiss mechanical pocket watches are assembled in the USA!